What to Do with Old Greeting Cards & Letters: Keep Them or Throw Them


There is something in particular about the office of transcribed cards and letters—we love getting them; most people love sending them. In any case, at that point what? Here’s my way of thinking: Get forestall all old greeting cards and letters that don’t expand your joy. Keep the things that issue; repurpose everything else.


Here are seven things I want to attempt to with all the cards and letters I get.


For cards and letters you might want to keep:


Output and store them on your PC.


If you need to remain them, examine them—they’ll occupy significantly less space. Make organizers on your PC, as “2011 Christmas,” or basically “2011” for all letters got at that point, or even “Schmidt Family” for all letters got throughout the years from a chose family.


Wrap them up in your scrapbook or diary.


I like consolidating letters with my own stories since they give alternate points of view to life occasions.


I keep a simple diary simply like the ones from my shop. All I even need to attempt to is open punch postcards and letters (like the one above from my grandmother) and put them in my diary. I do an equal with photos and ticket nails. I’ll add my contemplations—presto, a themed assortment.


Keep them so you’ll sooner or later give them back to the creator.


Several years prior, my grandmother got a bundle inside the mail—it was packed with around 24 letters and yuletide cards that she had kept in touch with her nearest school companion throughout the long term.


Getting those letters back resembled accepting a holder for her. It had been the essential time we have to contemplate my father’s first Christmas.


Tips for doing this:


  • Be particular about the old greeting cards you keep—a couple of dear companions or relations is a bounty. you might want to offer back a bunch of that individual’s story, so just cling to the mail that contributes thereto.


  • Keep everything during a case so you’ll have a gathering spot to document the things you might want to dispatch sooner or later.


  • Keep messages during a devoted advanced organizer so you’ll incorporate them additionally.


  • You should be slippery—compose letters and notes to your picked individual all together that they could be slanted to attempt to the same. (Email and phone weren’t extravagances my grandmother and her companion utilized. )

Here you can find some greeting cards online.

For the cards you might want to jettison:


Repurpose them into labels and gift vouchers.


Pretty sonnets and charming pictures are ideal for repurposing into blessing labels. Use them all year along with your blessing giving.


I like to hack out the photos as I get them—hearts, snowmen, leprechauns. I poke a hole in my pattern and string through a piece of lace or twine. My labels are kept in an envelope with the rest of my wrapping supplies.


Repurpose them into scrapbook and diary embellishments.


Searching for the correct statement or beautiful picture for your memory keeping? Pieces from cards are great and promptly accessible, particularly for Christmas and weddings.


Repurpose card tops into postcards.


Excessively simple—tear or cut the cardboard down the middle. Reuse the half with the inside content and names; put a postcard stamp as an afterthought with the lovely picture, and you have your postcard.


Give card tops.


Heaps of associations, from Girl Scouts to YMCA and Kiwanis camp projects, can utilize your card tops for their art extends the entire year. Inquire as to whether they’re out of luck.


St. Jude’s Ranch for adolescents, a partnership that helps in danger kids, acknowledges card tops all year. They repurpose your old greeting card pieces into new cards to sell and generate revenue for their organization.


At last, don’t throw away notes, cards, and postcards—it is anything but a public statement about how you are feeling about the individual. You valued the cardboard at that point. you keep on valuing the individual.

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