What Can you do with your old greeting cards?


Occasion cards, birthday cards and the other kind of greeting cards we get are regularly hard for us to ask to deter. Since they ordinarily come from adored companions and relations, we feel a method of blame about basically discarding them. Particularly if they set aside the effort to record a true message.

In any case, on the off chance that you don’t especially cherish the idea of throwing out these nostalgic remembrances, there are other alternatives for strategies to clean up your home and reuse or reuse the cards. Here are several different uses for your old greeting cards:



Give them away


St. Jude’s Children’s Ranch offers the Recycled Card Program, which acknowledges gifts of utilized welcome cards. They welcome everything from Christmas cards to an abundance of thanks cards, as long as there isn’t any composition on the rear of the front of the cardboard. Youngsters and volunteers at that point transform the front of the writing material into new cards that they sell. All returns from the Recycled Card Program go to St. Jude’s projects for destitute, manhandled and disregarded youngsters, youthful grown-ups, and families.


St. Jude’s Children’s Ranch demands that cards be 5-by-7 inches or more modest and that they can’t acknowledge cards from Hallmark, Disney, or American Greeting.


Regift them


I’ve discovered that regifting cards might be a decent method to offer them a new life. you’ll essentially stop the front fold and use it as a postcard or perhaps connect it to a touch of cardstock to frame a substitution handcrafted card. In any case, regifting is fast, simple, and phenomenal gratitude to broaden the existing pattern of the product.


Show them


Greeting cards regularly have lovely fine art that will merit showing. Make an exhibition divider out of your top choices and increment it over the long haul. Or then again, on the off chance that you’ve gotten a few wedding or congrats cards for a huge occasion in your life, organize them together during a solitary casing utilizing a photo (state, of you and your new life partner or a substitution child) as a highlight. You’ll have a dazzling memento which will consistently help you to remember the overflowing of fondness you got.


Use them as labels


Numerous individuals cut out characters or different pieces of occasion cards’ plans to use as blessing labels for the ensuing season. Cut out the shapes or plans you might want to remain and poke little holes inside the top that you just can string lace through. It’s incredible gratitude to set aside cash and customize your wrapping paper for one year from now.


Save them for makes


Greeting cards have a spread of employments to create ventures. You can use them to create:


  • A light holder: Use the fronts of 4 cards to make a flame illuminator. Append them together (face out) by poking little holes along their sides and weaving string or slim yarn through. At that point, set the light around an electrical flame on your table or mantle.


  • Bookmarks: Cut your #1 cards into strips and overlay them for a substitution set of bookmarks!


  • Children’s artworks: Use Christmas cards to make occasion manikins or magnets along with your children. Cut out the characters and paste them into little cooler magnets or popsicle sticks.

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